Why I chose to work with moms...

I get asked this question a lot.  “Why have I chosen to work with moms?”

Well, the obvious answer is I am one!  I believe that moms experience life differently than anyone else.  A mom, whether a step-mom, foster mom, adoptive mom, birth mom, or mom figure (someone raising a child, such as a niece or nephew), has a different priority system than someone who isn’t raising children.

Not good or bad, just different.  (I am NOT knocking those who choose not to have children.  We simply have different lifestyles.) 

We, as mom, were a person first.  Then a wife (in some cases).  Then, our body, and life, was invaded by this creature, I mean beautiful soul, who sucked the literal energy from us, I mean we nourished and cared for this sweet gift.  Our every thought was devoted to them.  
  • Worrying if we’re doing this mothering thing right?  

  • Are we screwing up our kid?

  • Oh geez, was I supposed to let them do that?

But, as they get older, we grow slightly more confident.  It may be a false confidence, we’re still just winging it, but hey, we’ve made it this far!!

Just as we get a handle on this, that sweet child who we’ve loved & worried about & cried for, begins to pull away.  They don’t want the bedtime story, they’re “too old” for snuggles on the couch, we no longer get the hug in the drop off line, and on and on.  Before we know it, they are looking at colleges, planning their career, and we realize they will be moving out.

Our identity has been “mom” for years.  Sure, we have other titles, too.  But the one that is most demanding is “mom”.  We push our dreams aside, so that our kids can have theirs.  Our wants go unspoken.  Our wardrobe shows the outward sign of inward neglect (raise your hand if your underwear has holes and stretched out elastic.  Or your bra is older than your kid. 🙋)  I see you.

I want this woman, you, who has given your all to raising your family, to feel like a woman again.  To feel alive and full of purpose.

Ideally, you'll come to me before the kids move out.  The best time is pre-teen & teenage years.  That way, we can begin the transition naturally so you gracefully enter the empty nest phase, or the second half of your life.

But regardless, when you comes to me, we will reawaken your desires, dreams and passions.  You will be excited to thrive in an empty nest, instead of hiding in sadness and loneliness.

So, why moms?  Because we are extraordinary people who deserve the best life has to offer.  After all, you wouldn’t be here without one.


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