Open chips before you ascend!

Open chips before you ascend!

Colorado.  What a beautiful state with its mountains, lakes, streams, and fresh air.  Definitely a must-see destination.

But before you go, a word of caution! There should be a big sign at the base of mountains that reads "open chips before you ascend"

While planning for our trip this summer I did a lot of researching on visiting Colorado.  I read about the wildlife in different areas and what to do if you encounter one.  I read about places to see and things to do.

While looking at activities and things to do, a few precautions were given: wear sunscreen, pack out what you pack in (don't leave your trash), bring a reusable water bottle, stay hydrated, and watch for signs of altitude sickness.

Having read all the "visitor guide" suggestions, I thought we were all set.  We made the necessary purchases, packed the first aid kit, and took a case of water.

And, since we'd be there for a week, knowing eating out for every meal would get expensive, we packed some food for lunches.  Buns, lunchmeat, chips, etc.

Travel day arrives, we load up the car and head out.  Hours and hours later we see mountains!

Now, let's stop for a minute and have a quick refresher on altitude & air pressure.  

As you rise above sea level, the air pressure drops.  Meaning, air particles have more room to move.

Ok, got that?  Now, back to our drive.  We are in the mountains now, driving along, oohing and ahhing at our surroundings.  

I start to hear popping sounds.

Then, Tim looks in the rearview and sees that all of our chip bags have expanded and are about to burst!

Quickly E hands me bags and I open them just enough to let the expanded air out.  As he grabs the last bag of chips, it bursts at the seam and chips went everywhere.

So now we know, open all pre-packaged chips before going into the mountains.

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What is Sexy?

What is Sexy?

What is sexy?

Merriam Webster defines sexy as

1: sexually suggestive or stimulating : EROTIC

2: generally attractive or interesting : APPEALING

Ok, but what does that MEAN?

As wives, we want our husbands to find us sexy, right?  We want them to be 'turned on' by us.  But how do you do this without a definition?

Wanna know the secret?

Shhh, no one wants you to know this.  We'll keep it between us, okay?

Ok, the answer is…. Ask your husband what he finds sexy!  Seriously, just ask him!  Who knows your spouse better than he does?

Oh, but Heather, I could NEVER ask him THAT!  How embarrassing!   I'll just (fill-in-the blank with some clichéd idea of sexy).

But what if the cliché is not what trips his trigger?  What if you purchase a certain item of clothing and put it on, only to receive a less-than on point reaction?  Not only did you spend money on this but now you feel embarrassed, rejected, and even angry.  You may begin to wonder if he's even attracted to you.

What could make this worse?

If you don't tell him, you keep it bottled up until it spills over and gets used as ammunition in an argument.  Now both of you are hurt and angry, and even confused!  Not to mention you are not likely to try something new again.

Whereas, if you had ASKED him his preferences, you may have found out he is turned on more by your confidence than he is by what you're wearing, and you taking the lead does far more than any outfit or garment would. Or maybe garments ARE his thing, but he prefers a certain style or material.

Here's the deal, we make assumptions based on what we've heard or seen in movies, commercials, on billboards and in stores, when we should actually just go straight to the source and ask the person who we are tying to be sexy for.  This could save hurt feelings, embarrassment, guilt, and money!  

Knowing how much it could save, why wouldn't you ask?

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Hey hey!  Welcome, I am so glad you found me!

My name is Heather.  And I'm here to share with you our crazy, beautiful life.

Our life is not what one would call, normal.  For a few reasons:

  1. My husband and I got married at the wise 'ol ages of 19 & 20 years old.  (we were just babies!!!)
  2. We are the parents of an awesome only child, our son.
  3. We live a more natural lifestyle, preferring to focus on prevention and natural remedies than western medicine
  4. I tend to be the provider and more assertive one in our relationship while my husband is more of the supporter.

Plus, we actually really enjoy being together. 

I'll be sharing many aspects from our life from adventures, to encouragement, and also our journey to natural living.  So, feel free to take a look around.  I do appreciate feedback so make sure to leave your comments and criticism (respectfully, please).

Wondering where to start?  How about here.

Talk to ya soon!

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