Nice to meet you!

Boundaries Coach for MomsCoach Heather

Here's a few things to know about me:
  • I love all things beachy. Sand, waves, beach life. It calls my soul.
  • I have an eclectic taste in all things
    • I dabble in multiple crafts, but have perfected none of them
    • I like just about all music, except classical, metal, and secular rap
  • I love chillin at home, in my comfy clothes with my boys, but I also enjoy going out and being with people
  • I do not enjoy working out (surprising for a health coach, I know)
    • I prefer playing, preferably outside (kayaking, hiking, disc golf, taking a walk, etc)
  • I have mastered the art of change
    • 3 big career shifts in adult life (once which included going back to college while raising my family)

I work with moms to rediscover their identity (before empty nesting!) so they can live with Passion & Purpose. (I've got some experience in this area, remember those career shifts above?)

Why did I choose health coaching? Long story short, our family experienced amazing results by focusing on healthy living (natural solutions) after suffering for many years. I've written a couple blog posts about the process, and welcome you to check them out.

I believe that health is more than just a physical state. I believe it is the whole person. Mind, body & soul. Physical, mental, emotional, relationships, career. All of it. You can't be truly healthy if you don't focus on these areas.

That's what I do. Like a Life Coach, I help you achieve the life you want through goal setting, mindset, boundaries, and more.  I also use my training as a Health Coach to address areas of your physical health that need adjustments to keep you on track.

I truly believe that each person deserves to life a life of fulfillment and satisfaction. In order to do that, we have to know what we want and be able to do it.  I help you do just that.

The Humbles (Tim & Heather)

Here's a few things to know about us:
  • We have been married for 18+ years
    • (married young and beat the odds/statistics)
  • We have one son
  • We are best friends
    • no, really we are.  We love spending time together!
  • He prefers the cold, I prefer the heat
    • We compromise and live in the Midwest
Our story is unique, as most are.

We met in high school, became friends, then began dating.  We were 19 (Heather) and 20 (Tim) when we got married.  Everyone told us we were too young and that we wouldn't last.  Yet here we are, still happily married and excited to spend the rest of our lives together.

A couple years ago, we realized we would be empty nesters "soon" (still a few years away, but getting closer).  We decided we didn't want to live the standard American Dream of working until retirement age, then rushing to do all the things we always dreamed of, and hoping to live long enough, and be healthy enough, to do it.

We've decided to build out multiple streams of income that don't require us to work a 40hr/week job for someone else's dream, and that will allow us to give back.  We don't want to just be consumers in this life, we want to be givers & producers.
  • Income Stream #1: Heather's coaching  
  • Income Stream #2: Stock Trading
  • We are still building the others, so stay tuned!
We invite you to follow us on this journey.  Here's where you can find us -