Do something for YOU

Moms, rediscover yourself before your kids move out,
and get excited for the future.

My Offerings
Here are a few ways to work with me.
Sessions held virtually. (Need not be local)

1:1 Coaching - Multiple packages to choose from

Helping you (mom) set healthy boundaries for yourself & your pre-teen/teen reducing power struggles and building separate identities for you & your teen.   Preparing them for adulthood and you for empty nesting.


Setting healthy boundaries for the mom who feels guilty saying no.

If you find yourself saying yes, even though you'd prefer to say no, it's time for a change.


Head over to my resources section to find free guides to get you started and find the products I LOVE.

What People are Saying
Heather's Client's Reviews


Why work with a Coach?

You have heard all the ways make changes, you've read the books, you've watched the videos, and yet you can't seem to make those changes stick. 

You need someone to help & guide you.  That's what I do.  

I work with my clients to create a vision for their life, then design a plan to achieve that vision.  I help you create the life you want, one that is filled with passion and purpose.
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I am not a medical professional.  I am not providing health care, medical or nutritional therapy services, or attempting to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any physical, mental or emotional issue, disease or condition. 

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